“I’ve already been through a divorce but met Debbie at an event and after speaking with her I really wish I had known about her services when I was going through my divorce. There’s so much she could have helped me with.”

“Debbie has been incredibly helpful to me- consistently available, ready with feedback and supportive input. Her support and advice were vital for me as I contemplated divorce, custody issues, & financial changes with very little knowledge (and lots of anxiety) about what to expect.”

“Debbie not only gave me several new tools for stress-management, she also checked in and helped with personal guidance. It is something that really transformed my entire outlook on separation and divorce.”

“Debbie is reachable and present, and quick in responding to a wide variety of questions and needs. She helped with the intimidating step of finding an attorney, then accompanied me, and she even took notes – she really knew what would help in such a stressful time!”

“Debbie is proactive, great with prioritizing, and gives feedback that can be trusted. If I needed help with financial planning, advice on real estate, information on child therapists, Debbie was ready with contacts and referrals. She has helped me with many co-parenting issues, and Debbie is a positive and compassionate listener. For me, it is her experience, connections, and healthy perspective that are so valuable.”

“Divorcing was intense and I had no preparation or ideas of what I’d experience; Debbie knew what was needed & she encouraged and supported me. So thankful that Debbie worked with me before and during the divorce process- it’s really been a huge shift upward.”