Life Coaching: Finding Yourself All Over Again

by Debbie Martinez

"So many women of today walk alone due to being in an empty relationship, death of a spouse, divorce, or by choice," says Debbie Martinez, a South Florida Life Coach. These times of solitude can be a transformative time of self-discovery."

Martinez sees her clients' personal lives as works in progress. When people find themselves alone and uncomfortable with solitude, they are ripe for reexamination, for taking inventory, and figuring out what to do next. With the help of a life coach, a person need not feel alone. The life coach listens, asks questions, and helps the client crystallize what he or she wants to do, how they want to live, what dreams deferred they might like go for in this transitional phase of their lives. A life coach is someone who can take where you are at present, help ou see where you want to go and get you to that place.  "if there is an inner voice pushign you to self-awareness, old dreams have fallen by the roadside and you want to create your own destiny," says Martinez, "perhaps now is the time to work with a life coach and discover the richness a new dream has to offer."

Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, November 2009


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