Harness the Power of Your Thoughts

by Debbie Martinez

"What is the one thing we do the most of? WE THINK. Our thoughts have the power to control and manipulate all areas of our life. Aware or not, most of us use our thoughts and words negatively when describing our life situations instead of using them to change our lives.

Debbie Martinez, certified Mindful Life Coach, is looking to help you change that through her 21-Day Challenge. “When you change how and what you think, you change your world. Once invested in the 21 Day Challenge, you will learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, eliminate the self-defeating thoughts that drain you of energy, stop replaying negative scenes in your mind, and learn to change how you view situations,” she shares. “At the end, you will find that things just “fall into place”, you are happier, less stressed with everyday issues and have gained the ability to have a better perspective when you’re faced with obstacles.”

From the comfort of your home or in her office, Debbie shows her clients how to make this amazing transformation. She explains that by gifting yourself with this challenge, you invest in yourself.

To find out more information contact Debbie Martinez at 305-984-5121 or visit her website at www.thepowerofdivorcecoach.com."

Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, April 2011


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